About Us

Peter Bake, Bonessportswear Holland, Belgium, Germany

In 2016 I came accross the brand “Bones“. I was fascinated by the good quality of the garment. The ultra light “techno dry“ material is really unique, and the fabric so much lighter than so many other brands.

The process of printing is quite complicated but nicely done.

Via top tennistrainer Stephan Ehritt I learnt who kept the license and did the production. After numerous Skype conversations with Tilo and Paulo who are the creators of “Bones“ and we are sharing the same views and I decided to take the license for Holland, Belgium, and Germany.

The next step was to find a group of gifted people who could share this feeling and were dedicated to bring this vibe across. During our first photo shoot we found a chemistry together and felt just that feeling which makes Team “Bones NL“ what is printed on the “Bones“ hangtag.

“ You have just purchased an authentic product, it means that your are unique “.

The brand “Bones Original Sportswear“ was born to innovate a segment which is dominated by a look where everyone dresses alike. Our products are made with unique design and high performance material for those who have attitude and personality inside and outside their sport .

“Feel it under your skin, feel the Bones“ !

“Be original be Bones“